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In our “FAQ about Barolo Wine” category, we address the most common questions and curiosities about Barolo wine, one of the most renowned wines worldwide. This section is ideal for both novices and experienced wine lovers who want to deepen their understanding of this exquisite Italian wine.

The topics covered include its production, tasting notes, ideal food pairings, aging potential, and much more. From the specifics of its Nebbiolo grape to the best vintages and suitable storage conditions, our goal is to provide comprehensive answers that enhance your Barolo wine knowledge and appreciation. Whether you are planning to buy your first bottle, organizing a wine tasting event, or planning a visit to Barolo wine region in Italy, this section is a handy reference to assist in your journey.

Aspect Description
Wine Type Red wine
Grape Variety Nebbiolo
Region Barolo, Piedmont, Italy
Tasting Notes High in tannin and acidity, with flavors of cherries, raspberries, tar, and roses. As it ages, it develops flavors of truffles, violets, and leather.
Food Pairing Complements rich dishes like truffle risotto, braised beef, and game meats. Can also be paired with hard, aged cheeses.
Aging Potential High – Can be aged for 10-30+ years depending on the vintage.

Barolo Bussia Cru

The Bussia Cru in the Barolo region of Piedmont, Italy, is recognized for its high-quality Nebbiolo grapes, producing wines with exceptional depth, complexity, and aging potential. The […]