Alba Truffle Hunting Tour Experience

Discover now the adventure in the woods for truffle hunting in the hills of Alba. Discover the truffle and how to find it.

Truffle hunting in Alba is waiting for you

Accompanied by an expert truffle hunter and a truffle dog you will have a fun and truly unique experience: come immediately to discover everything you are interested in on the white truffle of Alba and on the black truffle. Book now your truffle tour and learn to find the small and precious truffle for the woods.

Truffle hunting in Alba is ideal for a wide range of individuals

Truffle hunting in Alba is an experience that combines education, adventure, and culinary discovery. It offers participants the chance to enjoy the great outdoors while learning about one of the world’s most sought-after gourmet ingredients.

The hunt is led by an experienced guide and a trained truffle dog, which makes it a unique and exciting activity. It’s also an excellent way to foster teamwork, making it a popular choice for team-building activities. Finally, it’s an engaging and entertaining activity for families and groups of friends, offering fun and discovery for all ages.

Experience Features Details and Benefits
📍 Location: Alba Woods Alba is known for its truffle-rich woods, making it an ideal location for an authentic truffle hunting experience.
👥 Group Size: Up to 12 People The experience is intimate and personalised, allowing each participant to fully engage in the truffle hunting process.
🐕 Truffle Hunting with Dogs Dogs are specially trained to sniff out truffles. Participants will learn how to interpret the dogs’ signals and find truffles.
🍄 Find White Truffles Alba is renowned for its white truffles. Participants will have the chance to hunt for this prized gourmet ingredient.
🤝 Team-Building Activity This experience encourages collaboration and teamwork, making it an excellent choice for corporate outings or group activities.
👨‍👩‍👦 Family Friendly Truffle hunting is a fun and educational activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, making it ideal for families.
🍴 Culinary Enthusiasts Truffle lovers will gain first-hand knowledge about the origins of one of the world’s most prized ingredients.
🌳 Nature Lovers The experience takes place outdoors in beautiful woods, offering a delightful day out for nature enthusiasts.

How Alba truffle hunting experience Works

Daily departures from Asti and Barolo to Alba at 9.00 am and 2.00 pm
Experience the adventure in small groups
Each truffle hunting experience is priced at €225: this not includes a private taxi ride to and from the hunting location. Secure your spot and book your truffle hunting adventure now!

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    Let's start: meet the trifolao and his dog

    Your truffle hunt in the Langhe begins in a wood of Alba. Meet your expert truffle hunter (better known as trifolao) and his trusty truffle dog. They will guide you in your simulated truffle hunting: many truffles will have been hidden in the woods and the trifolao will teach you how to find them and how to make them search for the truffle dog. During the warmer season, truffle hunting will be organized in the cooler hours. Customize your truffle experience with a taxi service.

  • 2

    Dig to find the truffle in the woods

    The truffle hunting tour is organized for group of 15 people MAX. It lasts about two hours and it takes place in all periods of the year. The truffle dog, using his refined nose, will follow the smell of the precious buried white truffle and will guide you for the search it. Be careful to dig deep to look for the truffle that the truffle dog will show you. Truffles are usually found at a depth of 10 cm: bring out all truffles that were hidden before your truffle hunt in Alba.

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    Learn all the secrets of the truffle

    The truffle dog is the protagonist of the truffle hunting: follow him in the woods of Alba. Trifolao will teach you everything: your expert hunter will tell you about best ways to train a dog and to dig into the ground without ruining the hidden truffles. During the truffle hunt in Alba he will explain you also how to store the truffles you'll find, how to clean them and how to cook them to prepare delicious traditional Piedmontese dishes. Truffle is a precious product: discover now all its secrets!

  • 4

    End of the hunt: the return

    At the end of the simulated truffle hunting experience, after you have learned everything you did not know about the care and the search for the truffles, your experience will end. The truffles found are not included in the tour, but it will be possible to agree with the trifolao for their purchase and to take them home. Customize your tour with a lunch in the restaurants of Alba: you will taste truffle specialties and you'll drink excellent Barolo and Barbaresco wine!

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Walking in the woods of Piedmont truffles

Truffle hunting is a unique and fun experience: for those who want to experience the thrill of becoming a seeker of the precious Alba truffle for a day

Truffle hunting in Alba is a tour organized for groups of 12 people Maximum. The truffle hunting lasts about two hours. You’ll discover all about the white truffle and the black one, how to find it, how to store it and how to prepare special Alba truffle dishes! Customize your truffle hunting: add a tasting in the best wine cellars of Alba to the experience in the woods and book your lunch with traditional Piedmontese dishes based on truffles.

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Alba truffe hunting Tours price:

Put on your boots and get ready for your adventure in the woods of Alba with an expert truffle hunter and his faithful truffle dog.
Customizable truffle hunting tours in the city of Alba, in the greenery of a forest discover our tours and learn all the secrets of the truffle and the craft of “trifolao”. A magical adventure for those who love Italy and its typical products such as truffle and wine.

Truffle Tour, Tasting, Hazelnut Experience
Groups of 15 people maximum
Truffle dog and an expert truffle hunter
Simulated truffle hunting two hours long
Truffle Tour, Tasting, Hazelnut Experience
Other truffle can be purchased separately
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Truffle Tour with Picnic in Lang
Expert trifolao and truffle dog
How to find and to preserve truffles
Hunting for groups of 15 people maximum
2 Hours Simulated truffle hunting in the woods + Bruch
Truffle Tour + Wine & Food
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Truffle Tour + Wine & Food
Expert trifolao to reveal you secrets on the truffle
A truffle dog for digging in the woods
Truffle hunting two-hours tour in a wood
How to preserve the white and the black truffle
The truffle can be purchased separately
Lunch in the best restaurants in Langhe area
Traditional menu based on truffles (Truffle not included in the price)
Barolo tasting in the cellars of Langhe area
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From 130€ each one. Lunch or dinner can be included in your personalized Truffle Hunting tour in Alba. Book it now!

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