Hot Air Balloon Flights in Alba from Mondovì

Experience the Dream of Flying:

Nothing quite compares to the sensation of soaring high above the beautiful landscapes of Alba. Mondovì, a picturesque commune nestled in the Piedmont region of Italy, serves as the launching point for our breathtaking balloon rides. The flight offers passengers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appreciate the sweeping panoramas of Alba from an unrivalled vantage point. You'll find yourself drifting effortlessly above rooftops, tracing the curves of the terrain and, if the wind favors us, descending to gently skim the waters of the Tanaro river. The climax of the journey is the ascent to two thousand meters, revealing a view of the Alps, the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, and the Gulf of Genoa.

Alba Hot Air Balloon Rides

Breathtaking Panorama: Alba Hot Air Balloon Rides from Canale D’Alba

Unforgettable Journey: Alba Hot Air Balloon Rides from Barolo

Prepare for Your Adventure: Guidelines for Alba Hot Air Balloon Rides

Embark on an exquisite journey from the city of Canale, situated amidst the rolling hills of Roero, towards the stunning landscapes of Alba. This flight offers a truly exclusive opportunity to experience a bird’s-eye view of breathtaking castles, lush vineyards, and the sweet undulating hills of Arneis and Birbèt. This scenic journey provides an exceptional, intimate and quiet look at the earth below, culminating with a celebration of the flight with an air baptism and local products from Langhe and Roero.

Alba Hot Air Balloon Rides from Pralormo

Over Metropolitan Turin:

Launching from Pralormo, a charming commune part of the Metropolitan City of Turin, our hot air balloon rides present an incredible chance to relish the beauty of Alba while coasting alongside the skyline of the Savoy capital. The juxtaposition of the metropolis with the rural landscapes of the Asti hills provides a unique, awe-inspiring panorama.

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