Barolo Private Cooking Class

Italian dishes and typical Piedmont cuisine: learn to cook like a real Italian chef.

Experience Authentic Italy: The Barolo Cooking Class Journey

Immerse yourself in the heart of Italian culture with the Barolo Cooking Class! 🇮🇹 You'll dive deep into the secrets of making traditional Italian dishes, from homemade pasta to mouth-watering ragù. 🍝

Taught by expert chefs, you’ll uncover the mysteries of the Mediterranean diet, one of the world’s most beloved cuisines. 🌿 You’ll learn to cook like a real Italian chef, creating dishes that are cherished all around the globe. 🌍

A Great Experience for food addicted: an Italian Cooking Class in Barolo!

The Barolo Cooking Class is a year-round experience, perfect for food lovers and culinary enthusiasts. It's not just a cooking lesson, it's a journey into the rich traditions and tastes of Italy. Book your spot now for €160! 🎉``
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    Discover Italian food

    Take a culinary journey to one of the world's most revered gastronomic regions with the Barolo Cooking Class! 🍝 Italy, renowned globally for its delicacies, invites you to become an expert Italian cook in your own right.

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    Learn from Experienced Chefs

    The Barolo Cooking Class is spearheaded by an expert Italian chef who imparts invaluable knowledge about authentic Italian cuisine. 🍴 You will learn to prepare traditional Italian pasta and use local products to create mouthwatering dishes that mirror the true flavors of Italy.

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    For the True Food Addicts

    If you're a food lover passionate about traditional recipes, this group Barolo Cooking Class is a perfect fit for you. 🍷 Immerse yourself in the process of cooking classic Italian dishes while enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded food enthusiasts. Join the Barolo Cooking Class now - what are you waiting for? Bon appétit!`` 🎉

What to expect from our Barolo Cooking Class

Join our Barolo Cooking Class organized for true Italian food lovers. Find out how to cook homemade pasta and how to season your dishes. Followed by a chef have a great cooking lesson.

🍝 Participating in a Barolo Cooking Class is like immersing yourself in a delightful Italian culinary journey. Under the expert guidance of a seasoned Italian chef, you’ll master the art of cooking traditional Italian dishes, from a rich tomato ragù sauce to homemade pasta. As you chop, simmer, and braise, you’ll not only develop practical skills but also gain a deeper understanding of Italian culinary traditions. The class equips you with knowledge beyond the recipes, imparting insights into cooking methods, menu development, and meal prep. As the tantalizing aroma of your own cooked meal fills the rustic kitchen nestled in the beautiful landscape of Barolo, you’ll feel connected to the centuries-old Italian gastronomy. This unforgettable adventure transforms you from a food enthusiast into a storyteller, ready to recreate the magic of Italian cuisine in your own kitchen.🌟

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Unveil the secrets of Italian cuisine with our Barolo Cooking Class! Led by an expert Italian Chef and numerous restaurateurs, you’ll delve deep into the heart of Italian and Piedmont culinary traditions. Beyond the famed grapes, wines, and truffles, the regions of Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato have much more to offer. Register for our cooking class today and unveil these gastronomic wonders!.

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    An expert Italian Chef
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    Five hours of Cooking Lesson
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Barolo Cooking class Prices

Customizable Barolo cooking class, in the city of Barolo, one of the most beautiful places of Langhe. A magical adventure for those who love Italy and its typical products and the Italian cuisine.

Cooking Class Tours
Expert Italian Chef
Quality products and ingredients
Cooking lessons for groups
Five hours cooking class
Eat what you have cooked
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Cooking Class + Truffle Hunting
Expert Italian Chef's suggestions
Quality and high controlled ingredients
Five hours Cooking Class
Free lunch with home made pasta
A simulated truffle hunting in Barolo
An expert truffle hunter and his dog
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Cooking Class + Truffle Hunting + Barolo Wine Tasting
Expert Italian Chef and restaurateurs
Cooking Class lasting 5 hours
Lunch with home made dishes
Expert trifolao to reveal you secrets on the truffle
A truffle dog for digging in the woods
Discover the hidden truffles in the wood
Tasting tour in cellars of Barolo
Free tasting of Barolo
Free tasting of Barbaresco
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From 150€ each one. Customize your experience in Piedmont and enjoy yourself. Book today your personalized tour in Langhe areas!