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Piedmont, Italy, hosts the annual Alba White Truffle Festival, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world who flock to the region to partake in this gastronomic celebration. The FAQ Truffle category elucidates upon the festival’s significance, provides practical information about participation, and offers insights into truffle hunting tours. Furthermore, learn about the role truffles play in the region’s cuisine and the best wine pairings for truffle-based dishes.

Truffles are one of nature’s most exquisite gifts, coveted by chefs and food lovers globally. Originating predominantly in Italy, especially Piedmont, these rare fungi are treasured for their distinctive aroma and flavour. In the FAQ Truffle category, discover all there is to know about truffles – from types like the celebrated Alba White Truffle to their harvesting process, preservation techniques, culinary uses, and more.