Beppe Fenoglio Study Centre

Fenoglio Al Bar del Savona ©AldoAgnelli

The Beppe Fenoglio Literature, History, Art and Culture Center was founded in 2003 by the Municipal Administration of Alba with the support of institutional bodies and private entrepreneurs. The Center is located inside the building where Beppe Fenoglio lived from 1928 to 1959, including the room in which the Albanian author wrote most of his works.

Opposite the entrance is the monument to the “Twenty-three days of the city of Alba“, by Umberto Mastroianni, cast in bronze in 1994 and inaugurated on 30 October of the same year on the fiftieth anniversary of “Alba libera”.

The exhibition itinerary begins on the ground floor with the entrance to the “Fenoglio” butcher and images and documents of Giacomo Morra, inventor and father of the Truffle Fair. Precious are the posters of the XXV edition of the symbolic event of Alba, commissioned by Pinot Gallizio and Piero Simondo.

The atrium on the first floor is instead dedicated to the Langa area and its uniqueness, expertly told through the photographs, colors and portraits of landscapes or people of the Langhe of four photographers that have characterized the life of Alba from the fifties to the present day: Aldo Agnelli, Piero Masera, Enrico Necade and Bruno Murialdo.

Beppe Fenoglio Study Centre

Beppe Fenoglio Study Centre

Also on the first floor the room belonging to the house where Fenoglio lived with his family and where he composed most of his works was dedicated to the Albanian writer. In this precious environment, it is possible to discover and learn about life, works, family, friends and the Langa area through the original photographs by Aldo Agnelli and writings taken from the works of Fenoglio.

The second floor is entirely dedicated to the painter Pinot Gallizio, to the local history and to the art of the Albanian territory.

A room, reconstructing the family environment of Casa Gallizio, traces the human and artistic history of Pinot Gallizio, from his commitment as municipal administrator and the encounter with painting by Piero Simondo and the cenacle with artists such as Asjer Jorn, Constant , Karl Appel, Guy Debord, Walter Olmo. There is a large exhibition of texts on the works of Pinot Gallizio, the general catalog and a substantial collection of invitations and brochures concerning his exhibitions all over the world.

Another space contains the works of Pinot Gallizio, among which “The antechamber of death” stands out, an exceptional installation made in December 1963, a few months before his sudden death.

Beppe Fenoglio Study Centre – Centro Studi Beppe Fenoglio

 Piazza Rossetti 2

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Orario di apertura

 dal martedì al venerdì dalle 9.00 alle 12.00 e dalle 15.00 alle 18.00

 sabato dalle 9.00 alle 12.00 e dalle 14.30 alle 18.30

 domenica dalle 14.30 alle 18.30

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