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Steeped in a rich history and driven by a commitment to excellence, Vietti Winery stands as a testament to fine wine production. Located in the heart of Italy’s renowned Barolo region, this family-run estate has been producing exquisite wines for four generations. The crown jewels of Vietti’s production are arguably their iconic Barolo wines, highly prized for their complexity, depth of flavor, and exceptional aging potential. Each bottle tells a story of the terroir, encapsulating the unique characteristics of the vineyards, from the iron-rich soils of Brunate to the marl clay composition of Rocche di Castiglione.

Venturing beyond Barolo, Vietti also prides itself on crafting other noteworthy varietals. Their Moscato d’Asti, for instance, is a testament to the delicate balance of sweetness and acidity, offering a refreshing palate adorned with notes of honey, peach, and white flowers. Equally captivating is the winery’s Arneis, a crisp white wine that brims with aromas of pear, apricot, and acacia flowers. Not to be outdone, the Timorasso impresses with its full-bodied structure and intense mineral notes, marking a true revival of a nearly extinct variety. Each Vietti wine is a celebration of the diverse Piemonte region, bringing to life the winery’s relentless pursuit of quality, tradition, and innovation.

Vietti Winery provides an unrivalled wine tasting experience that allows visitors to explore the depth and breadth of its wine portfolio. From the traditional tastings featuring the region’s classics to private tours that offer a deeper dive into older vintages, there’s an offering for every wine enthusiast. So why not step into the world of Vietti, and embark on a wine journey like no other?

Vietti Winery History

Vietti Winery History

Vietti Winery, a pinnacle of the Piedmont wine region, boasts an illustrious history that dates back to the late 1800s. The winery was founded in the heart of the Barolo region, in the small medieval village of Castiglione Falletto, by Carlo Vietti. Over time, it has thrived under the stewardship of the Vietti family, gradually expanding its estate vineyards to include some of the most highly prized terroirs within Piemonte’s finest winegrowing areas. The winery has diligently pursued a path of quality, respect for tradition, and thoughtful experimentation and innovation.

The 20th century brought significant growth and evolution to the Vietti brand. The winery emerged as a pioneer in the production and promotion of single-vineyard Barolos and significantly contributed to the global recognition of the Barolo region. The Vietti family’s fourth generation, represented by Luca Currado Vietti and his wife, Elena, have further elevated the winery’s reputation by continuing the tradition of crafting world-class wines.

In 2016, a new chapter in Vietti’s history began when the Krause Family acquired the winery. Although ownership has changed hands, the focus remains on preserving and enhancing the qualities that make Vietti unique. The winery continues to embrace its rich heritage while looking to the future with optimism, promising exciting and stimulating prospects for wine enthusiasts around the globe.

Vietti Wine Tours and Tasting Experience

Tour Type Description Duration Price (EUR)
Classic Tasting Tasting of 5 traditional wines of the region, including one Barolo, with a tour of the historic cellars. 1.5 hours 25
Experience Tasting Tasting of 6 wines, featuring three distinct Barolos, with a tour of the historic cellars. 1.5 hours 75
Private Tasting Private tour and tasting of 6 wines, including 3 Barolos and an older vintage, without other visitors. 2 hours 200
Trekking Experience Walking tour of the Scarrone, Rocche di Castiglione, and Villero vineyards with tasting of 4 Vietti’s wines. 2.5 hours 75

The Vietti winery offers various tasting experiences for wine lovers. From classic tastings of five traditional wines of the region to the experience tasting of six wines, including three Barolos, there’s something for every palate. They also offer private tastings that feature older vintages, and a trekking experience for those interested in a more immersive vineyard experience. The tasting tours include a visit to their historic cellars and provide an in-depth understanding of the winemaking process and the history of the winery.

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or a seasoned connoisseur, a visit to the Vietti winery will offer an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Barolo region and the rich history of one of Italy’s most esteemed wineries.

Classic Tasting: This tasting includes five traditional regional wines, including one Barolo. You’ll be welcomed on their panoramic terrace for an introduction and then taken on a tour of their historic cellars. The tasting lasts 90 minutes and costs 25 EUR per person.

Experience Tasting: Here, you’ll taste six wines, three of which are Barolos. Due to the limited production of some wines, not all tasted will be available for purchase. Like the Classic Tasting, you’ll also be given a brief welcome on their panoramic terrace and visit their historic cellars. This tasting also lasts 90 minutes and costs 75 EUR per person.

Private Tasting: This private tour (without other visitors) includes a tasting of six wines, including three Barolos and an older vintage. You’ll also get a short welcome introduction on the panoramic terrace and a visit to the historic cellars. The duration is 2 hours and costs 200 EUR per person.

Trekking Experience: This is an outdoor walking experience in the Scarrone, Rocche di Castiglione, and Villero vineyards. Here, one of their wine professionals will explain the vine’s growth, site characteristics, and the winery’s history while you taste the wines in the vineyard. The trek is around 4 km and lasts 2h30, costing 75 EUR per person. The Vietti winery also offers a Gift Card, which can be used to purchase any of the above tours or wines available at the Cellar.

The Vietti wine collection includes a wide range of wines:

  • Roero Arneis
  • Timorasso
  • Moscato d’Asti
  • Freisa
  • Dolcetto d’Alba Tre Vigne
  • Barbera d’Alba Tre Vigne
  • Barbera d’Asti Tre Vigne
  • Barbera d’Alba Vigna Scarrone
  • Barbera d’Alba Vigna Vecchia Scarrone
  • Barbera d’Asti La Crena
  • Nebbiolo Perbacco
  • Barbaresco Roncaglie Masseria
  • Barolo Castiglione
  • Barolo Brunate
  • Barolo Cerequio
  • Barolo Lazzarito
  • Barolo Rocche di Castiglione
  • Barolo Ravera
  • Barolo Monvigliero
  • Barolo Riserva Villero DOCG

These offerings from Vietti provide visitors with a well-rounded understanding of the region’s wines and the chance to taste some of the most highly regarded Barolos.

Vietti all Wines

Wine Variety Characteristics Food Pairing
Barolo Known for its depth of flavor, complexity, and exceptional aging potential. Tastes include cherry, rose, anise, and a hint of truffle. Perfect with hearty dishes like truffles, roasts, wild game, and hard cheeses.
Moscato d’Asti A sweet, lightly fizzy wine with flavors of peach, honey, and white flowers. Very refreshing. Best with fruit-based desserts, blue cheese, or as an aperitif.
Arneis A dry and full-bodied white wine with aromas of pear, apricot, and acacia flowers. Great with lighter dishes like white fish, fresh salads, and chicken.
Timorasso An intense, full-bodied white wine with strong mineral notes, flavors of ripe stone fruits, and high acidity. Perfect match with rich fish, poultry, pork, and hard cheeses.

Vietti winery, based in the Piedmont region of Italy, produces an array of outstanding wines from several grape varieties. Here is a list of some of the notable wines produced by Vietti:

  1. Barolo Wines: These are perhaps Vietti’s most renowned wines, made from the Nebbiolo grape. Notable vineyards include Castiglione, Brunate, Lazzarito, Rocche di Castiglione, and the Riserva Villero.
  2. Barbaresco Masseria: This is another expression of Nebbiolo, from the Barbaresco region. It tends to be slightly lighter and more approachable at a younger age compared to their Barolo counterparts.
  3. Roero Arneis: A white wine made from the Arneis grape, this wine is known for its freshness and aromas of pear and apricot.
  4. Moscato d’Asti: This lightly sparkling, sweet wine is made from the Moscato grape. It’s known for its delicate froth, low alcohol content, and flavors of peach, orange blossom and nectarine.
  5. Barbera Wines: Vietti produces several Barbera wines, such as Barbera d’Alba Vigna Scarrone and Barbera d’Asti La Crena, showcasing the versatility of the Barbera grape. These wines are known for their deep color, low tannins, and high acidity, with flavors of dark fruits.
  6. Nebbiolo Perbacco: Made with Nebbiolo grapes, this wine is a more approachable and less expensive alternative to the winery’s Barolo wines.
  7. Dolcetto d’Alba Tre Vigne: A red wine from the Dolcetto grape, known for its black cherry and licorice flavors and relatively soft tannins.
  8. Freisa: A lesser-known red grape of Piedmont, Freisa makes a wine that’s typically light-bodied, with tart red berry flavors and a distinctive slightly bitter finish.
  9. Timorasso: A white wine made from the rare Timorasso grape. Vietti is one of a handful of wineries working to bring this grape back into the spotlight.
  10. Vietti Riserva: This is a special edition wine, only made in the best years, and it showcases the ultimate potential of Nebbiolo.

These wines, made with respect to the winery’s historical traditions and the unique terroir of the Piedmont region, are a testament to Vietti’s commitment to excellence and innovation in winemaking.

Vietti Barolo Wines

Vietti is renowned for its exquisite selection of Barolo wines, reflecting the rich diversity and complexity of the Piedmont region. These wines are known for their depth of flavor, fine tannins, and ability to age gracefully. The flavors are usually described as rose, tar, cherries, and wild herbs, with high acidity and significant tannins. The winery’s portfolio includes a variety of Barolos, each unique and distinguished. Vietti is renowned worldwide for its production of Barolo wines. Barolo, often referred to as the “king of wines and the wine of kings”, is made from the Nebbiolo grape and is known for its richness, complexity, and exceptional capacity to age.

Here are some notable Barolo wines from Vietti:

  1. Barolo Castiglione: This is Vietti’s basic Barolo, but it’s far from a simple wine. Made from a blend of vineyards across the region, this wine offers a great introduction to Vietti’s Barolo, demonstrating elegance, complexity and structure associated with Barolo wines.
  2. Barolo Brunate: Sourced from the Brunate vineyard located in La Morra, this Barolo is known for its fine balance of elegance and power. It often delivers floral aromas, with notes of cherry and spice.
  3. Barolo Rocche di Castiglione: This wine is produced from grapes grown in the Rocche di Castiglione vineyard located in Castiglione Falletto. It’s known for its structured palate, complex nose, and long ageing potential.
  4. Barolo Lazzarito: From the Lazzarito vineyard in Serralunga d’Alba, this Barolo is one of the more powerful, structured wines in Vietti’s lineup. It’s known for its rich fruit, firm tannins and excellent ageing potential.
  5. Barolo Riserva Villero: This is Vietti’s flagship wine, only made in exceptional years. The wine is aged for about seven years before release. It showcases the power and depth that Nebbiolo can achieve, with extraordinary complexity and longevity.

Vietti Moscato d’Asti, Arneis, Timorasso

In addition to their notable Barolo wines, Vietti also produces other excellent wines such as Moscato d’Asti, Arneis, and Timorasso. The Moscato d’Asti is a sweet, lightly sparkling wine with flavors of peaches and orange blossom. Arneis is a white wine known for its crisp acidity, notes of pears and apricots, and a hint of almonds in the finish. Timorasso is a full-bodied white wine with a complex aromatic profile that includes fruity, floral, and mineral notes.

Past, present and future at Vietti winery: a day with Luca and Elena

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