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Deep in the heart of the charming town of Mondovi, you will find Trattoria Marsupino 1901, an exceptional dining establishment that boasts a Michelin star. Offering an intimate exploration into the nuanced flavors of Piedmontese cuisine, this is more than a restaurant – it’s a destination for food enthusiasts seeking an authentic Italian gastronomic experience. Beyond the impressive culinary accolades, Trattoria Marsupino prides itself on maintaining a warm, welcoming atmosphere, reflecting the genuine hospitality that Italy is famous for. The establishment has been run by the Bianco family for four generations, each contributing their unique touch to the restaurant’s evolving narrative.

The menu at Trattoria Marsupino is a delectable journey that pays homage to the rich culinary traditions of the Piedmont region while also introducing innovative elements that surprise and delight the palate. Every dish showcases the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients, each meticulously prepared to bring out their natural flavors. This commitment to quality and innovation has earned the trattoria its esteemed Michelin star.

As for prices, Trattoria Marsupino strikes a harmonious balance between offering an exquisite dining experience and ensuring value for money. The restaurant’s reputation and glowing reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor affirm this value proposition, with many guests praising the remarkable food, excellent service, and charming ambiance. So, why should you consider visiting Trattoria Marsupino in Mondovi? For the gourmet adventure, for the captivating atmosphere, and for the opportunity to experience a Michelin-starred interpretation of Piedmont’s vibrant culinary scene. Whether you’re planning a special occasion or just looking to enjoy a remarkable meal, Trattoria Marsupino promises an unforgettable experience.

In the following sections, we will provide more insights into the menu offerings, the prices, the Michelin Star recognition, and the rave reviews that make Trattoria Marsupino an absolute must-visit when in Piedmont, Italy. Let’s delve deeper into the extraordinary allure of this renowned restaurant.

Marsupino Mondovi 1901 Tripadvisor Reviews

Marsupino Mondovi 1901 Tripadvisor Reviews

Throughout this review, we will also refer to visitor impressions as reported on Tripadvisor, to give you a comprehensive and honest picture of what to expect when visiting Trattoria Marsupino. Trattoria Marsupino is currently ranked as the number 1 restaurant in Briaglia according to Tripadvisor reviews, with a 4.5 overall score. This Michelin-starred establishment is recognized for its excellent cuisine and service, as well as the great value for money it offers and its enchanting atmosphere. Please note that the restaurant has vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

The Trattoria is located at Via Roma, 20, 12080 Briaglia, Italy. For more information, you can reach them at +39 0174 563888 or visit their official website. Note that opening hours may vary, so it’s advisable to check before your visit.

Trattoria Marsupino 1901 Traditional Menu:

Trattoria Marsupino Traditional Menu

Trattoria Marsupino Traditional Menu reflects the rich abundance of Piedmontese gastronomy. The aperitif kicks off with a broad selection of wines such as Charlier & Fils and Monsignore’s Alta Langa Extra Brut, followed by traditional cocktails like Piemontèis and Negroni. The choice of first courses is truly remarkable, featuring dishes like Quarzina potato gnocchi with pea carbonara, and ravioli filled with wild herbs and fresh ricotta with summer black truffle. For mains, the Santo Stefano Belbo’s “Helix aspersa maxima” snails are a must-try, as is the dual-cooked pigeon with a pate of its livers.

The dessert menu showcases a variety of delights, including Semifreddo al torrone, a popular dish since 1985, and a soft red apple tart from Cuneo IGP. The offer of sweet wines and digestives is just as impressive, with options like Cà d Gal’s Moscato d’Asti Lumine, Ciek’s Alladium 2015, and Coume del Mas’ Banyuls rouge. Digestives include distillates like Pojer e Sandri’s Dolomiti Divino grappa and Adrien Camut’s Calvados du Pays d’Auge. Every dish and drink are designed to highlight the authentic flavors of the Piedmont region.

Course Dish Price (€)
Aperitifs Charlier & Fils, “L’ Italien Pas dosé” 15.00
Monsignore, “Alta Langa Extra brut 2019” 9.00
Piemontèis 8.00
Tanta sèj “dedicato a Beppe Colla” 9.00
Negroni 9.00
Traditional Tartare di vitella piemontese (menu) 45.00 / 85.00
Menu Tagliatelle di aglio orsino al ragù
Reale di vitella piemontese
“Dal 1985”, Semifreddo al torrone
Chef’s Choice A selection of dishes by Piervincenzo and Matteo 65.00 / 130.00
Starters Duetto di trota Fario 20.00
Insalata estiva di trippa e verdure 19.00
Tartare di vitella piemontese 19.00
Dall’orto, verdura cotta e cruda 16.00
First Course Gnocchi di patate di Quarzina 19.00
Ravioli farciti di erbette spontanee 21.00
Tagliatelle di aglio orsino al ragù 19.00
Zuppa di pesci d’acqua dolce 21.00
Main Course Lingua di manzo marinata al barbera 20.00
Lumache “Helix aspersa maxima” 22.00
Piccione in doppia cottura 24.00
Tonnetto alletterato alla griglia 26.00
Cappella di fungo porcino nostrano 20.00
Carrello di degustazione di 5 formaggi 17.00
Extras Pane e coperto 3.00
Acqua San Bernardo 3.00
Caffè DO.MI.TO e piccola pasticceria 3.00
Desserts Zuppetta di frutta fresca 9.00
Pesche e albicocche al salto 10.00
“Dal 1985” Semifreddo al torrone 9.00
Tortino soffice di mela rossa di Cuneo IGP 10.00
Percorso di degustazione dei nostri sorbetti 8.00
Sweet Wines Cà d Gal, “Moscato d’Asti Lumine” 6.00
Ciek, “Alladium 2015”, San Giorgio Canavese 9.00
Coume del Mas, “Banyuls rouge” 8.00
Digestives Pojer e Sandri, “Acquavite Divino delle Dolomiti” 8.00
Adrien Camut, “Calvados du Pays d’Auge” 9.00
Samaroli, “Guadeloupe Rhum agricole 1998” 20.00
El Pasador de oro, “Rhum XO”, Guatemala 9.00

As a Michelin-starred restaurant, it continues to uphold the high standards that make it one of the best dining destinations not just in Piedmont, but also across Italy. For more information on Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy, you can check out Turin Best Michelin Restaurant 2023 in Italy and Alba Italy Best Michelin Starred Restaurant 2023.

What to Expect from Trattoria Marsupino 1901 Traditional Menu

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