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The History of Marchesi di Barolo

Marchesi di Barolo is a historic winery deeply rooted in the traditions and the terroir of the Barolo region. The winery’s story began in the early 19th century with the Marquis of Barolo, Carlo Tancredi Falletti, and his wife, Juliette Colbert. When Juliette, a French noblewoman, moved to the Piedmont region after marrying the Marquis, she brought with her the idea of producing wines in the French style: wines that could age for many years and still maintain their freshness and complexity. This was a radical idea at the time, as the local tradition was to produce wines that were lighter and meant for immediate consumption.

Under Juliette’s guidance, the winery started producing what we now recognize as modern Barolo. She employed innovative winemaking techniques, such as long maceration periods and aging in large oak casks, to produce a wine that was powerful, tannic, and capable of aging for decades. This Barolo was a far cry from the lighter, softer wines that were typical of the region at the time. Juliette’s pioneering work earned her the nickname “the mother of Barolo.” Even after her death, her legacy lived on, and the winery continued to produce high-quality Barolo wines that were appreciated both locally and internationally.

Today, the winery is owned by the Abbona family, who have been in charge since the early 20th century. They respect the tradition and history of the estate, but also embrace modernity where it can help improve the quality of their wines. This perfect balance between tradition and innovation is what makes Marchesi di Barolo one of the most respected and renowned wineries in Italy and beyond. Visiting Marchesi di Barolo is not only a journey into the world of top-quality Italian wine, but also a trip back in time to discover the origins of Barolo, the “King of Wines and the Wine of Kings.”

Marchesi di Barolo Costa di Rose Wine Tasting Tour: A Comprehensive Guide

Marchesi di Barolo Wine Tasting Tour: A Comprehensive Guide

Experience the elegance and complexity of the Marchesi di Barolo Costa di Rose through a comprehensive wine tasting tour. This exquisite wine, born from the distinguished Marchesi di Barolo winery, encapsulates the terroir’s unique expression and the area’s rich viticultural heritage. Embark on a journey that introduces you to the winery’s deep-rooted history, the fascinating intricacies of the Barolo region, and the singular attributes of the Costa di Rose.

Visit to Marchesi di Barolo” provides a comprehensive experience of exploring the world of Barolo wines. To arrange your personalized tasting experience, reach out to Marchesi di Barolo at +39 0173 564419 or drop us a line, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in crafting an unforgettable wine journey. Contact Us.

The Marchesi di Barolo Winery: An Overview

Feature Description
Location Located in the heart of the Barolo region in the town of Barolo, Piedmont, Italy. Google Maps
Established Early 19th century.
Notable Figure Juliette Colbert, the Marquis of Barolo, known as the “mother of Barolo”.
Current Ownership Owned by the Abbona family since the early 20th century.
Wine Style Specializes in Barolo, but also produces other traditional Piedmontese wines such as Barbera d’Alba and Dolcetto d’Alba.
Vineyards Owns vineyards in some of the best “cru” locations in the Barolo region, including Cannubi, Sarmassa and Coste di Rose.
Visiting Offers guided tours of the historic cellars and tastings of their acclaimed wines. Reservation is recommended.
Special Features The estate includes a wine museum and a restaurant serving traditional Piedmontese cuisine.
Contact Information Official website:
Why Visit To experience the history and tradition of Barolo winemaking, taste world-class wines, and enjoy the stunning views of the Barolo vineyards.

The Marchesi di Barolo estate sprawls over a vast area, comprising vineyards in the finest crus of the Barolo region. The winery itself is a blend of tradition and innovation, with historic cellars housing modern winemaking equipment. This harmonious coexistence of past and present is reflected in the wines of Marchesi di Barolo.

The winery offers several tasting options, each paired with traditional local foods:

With tastings that showcase a variety of wines, from a selection of two, including a Barolo, to a selection of four wines, including a Barbaresco and a Barolo, guests are in for a treat. The tastings, which are paired with local foods such as grissini or optional cold cuts and cheeses, range in price from €25.00 to €45.00 per person. The winery also houses a restaurant, La Foresteria, offering traditional Langhe cuisine paired with wines. Including a visit to the historic cellars, the experience at Marchesi di Barolo is both educational and enjoyable. Advanced booking is recommended to secure your spot.

🍷 Tasting Options 🧀 Food Pairing 💶 Price
“Visit to Marchesi di Barolo” – A selection of 2 wines (1 Barolo included) Paired with artisanal grissini. Optional additions include a plate of typical cold cuts and cheeses or a dish of traditional Agnolotti del Plin €25.00 per person
“Tasting at Marchesi di Barolo” – A selection of 3 Barolos (1 Cru included) Paired with artisanal grissini. Optional additions include a plate of typical cold cuts and cheeses or a dish of traditional Agnolotti del Plin €35.00 per person
“Wine Tasting Tour at Marchesi di Barolo” – A selection of 4 wines (1 Barbaresco and 1 Barolo included) Paired with artisanal grissini. Optional additions include a plate of typical cold cuts and cheeses or a dish of traditional Agnolotti del Plin €45.00 per person

The winery also has a restaurant, La Foresteria, which offers lunch and dinner menus paired with a selection of wines. These menus showcase traditional Langhe cuisine and allow guests to explore the interaction of food and wine in a more in-depth manner.

Whether you choose a simple tasting or a full dining experience, a visit to Marchesi di Barolo is a journey through the history, culture, and flavors of this remarkable wine region. Be sure to book in advance to secure your spot.

For more information or to make a booking, you can contact the winery directly at +39 0173 564419 or Contact Us.

I. Marche si Barolo Winery

Marche si Barolo Winery
Marche si Barolo Winery

Marchesi di Barolo is an iconic winery in the Barolo region of Italy’s Piedmont. Its history is deeply intertwined with the development and prestige of the Barolo wine itself. Producing wines for over two centuries, Marchesi di Barolo has been instrumental in shaping Barolo’s global reputation for quality and longevity. The winery is best known for its exceptional Barolo wines, which are made from the Nebbiolo grape variety. These wines are celebrated for their complexity, depth, and aging potential. Some of their most acclaimed wines include the single-vineyard Barolos from Cannubi, Sarmassa, and Costa di Rose. Each of these wines reflects the unique character of its vineyard of origin, showcasing the diversity of terroir within the Barolo region.

Marchesi di Barolo’s wines have received numerous awards and high ratings from prestigious wine publications and critics. These accolades reflect the winery’s commitment to quality and its mastery of the Nebbiolo variety. As for the number of bottles produced annually, this information can vary from year to year and is often not publicly disclosed by the winery. However, given the size and scope of Marchesi di Barolo, it is reasonable to assume that they produce a significant number of bottles each year. For more specific production figures, it would be best to contact the winery directly.

In addition to their acclaimed Barolo wines, Marchesi di Barolo also produces a range of other wines, including Barbera d’Alba, Dolcetto d’Alba, and Langhe Nebbiolo. These wines offer a glimpse into the breadth and diversity of the Piedmont region’s wine production.

II. Marchesi di Barolo Wines

Marchesi di Barolo Wines Riserva
Marchesi di Barolo Wines Riserva

Marchesi di Barolo offers an array of wine tasting experiences designed to introduce visitors to the rich variety of their portfolio, which ranges from their signature Barolos to other regional specialties like Dolcetto and Barbera. Located in the heart of Barolo, Marchesi di Barolo boasts a diverse terrain that contributes to the unique character of its wines. The winery’s vineyards sprawl across the finest crus of the region, including the iconic Cannubi hill.

Barolo Marchesi di Barolo

The Barolo from Marchesi di Barolo is made from 100% Nebbiolo, a red wine grape variety that is native to Italy and known for its ability to produce powerful, full-bodied wines with high tannins and acidity. The Nebbiolo grapes used for Marchesi di Barolo’s Barolo wine are carefully selected from vineyards in the Barolo region, particularly from the celebrated Cannubi hill, which is considered one of the top sites for Nebbiolo in the area.

Marchesi di Barolo’s Barolo is typically aged for two years in large oak barrels and then given additional aging in the bottle before being released to the market. The resulting wine is renowned for its complexity, elegance, and longevity. It typically displays rich flavors of cherries, plums, and raspberries, along with notes of roses, leather, licorice, and truffles. Over time, these primary fruit flavors evolve into more complex, tertiary aromas and flavors such as dried fruit, tobacco, and forest floor.

This wine is often highly rated by critics and well-regarded by wine enthusiasts, reflecting its quality and the reputation of Marchesi di Barolo as a producer. It is also known for its excellent aging potential, with well-stored bottles capable of maturing and improving over many years or even decades.

As for pricing, Barolo from Marchesi di Barolo tends to fall in the mid to high range, reflecting its quality and the prestige of the Barolo appellation. However, prices can vary widely depending on the vintage, with older and highly-rated vintages often commanding higher prices. Please consult with a wine merchant or sommelier for the most current pricing information.

Marchesi di Barolo Wines: A Snapshot of Excellence

The wines from Marchesi di Barolo are a perfect expression of the Nebbiolo grape and the rich terroir of the Barolo region. Each wine reflects a different facet of Nebbiolo, showcasing the versatility and depth of this revered grape variety. From the elegance and complexity of their signature Barolo to the power of Sarmassa and the nuanced balance of Cannubi, Marchesi di Barolo is a master at crafting wines that beautifully encapsulate the essence of their vineyard origins.

Moreover, the winery’s Barbera and Dolcetto wines offer a delightful exploration of other classic Piemontese varieties, delivering great quality and value. These wines, with their consistent high ratings, are a testament to the superb winemaking skills and dedication to quality that define Marchesi di Barolo.

Wine Varietal Characteristics Avg. Price Avg. Rating
Marchesi di Barolo Nebbiolo Elegant and complex with flavors of red fruit, rose petal, and spice. €50 – €80 92/100
Marchesi di Barolo Sarmassa Nebbiolo Powerful and rich, with dark fruit, spice, and a long finish. €60 – €100 94/100
Marchesi di Barolo Cannubi Nebbiolo Balanced and nuanced, with flavors of cherry, tobacco, and mineral. €70 – €110 93/100
Marchesi di Barolo Barbera d’Alba Ruvei Barbera Fruit-forward and approachable, with flavors of dark fruit and a smooth finish. €15 – €25 89/100
Marchesi di Barolo Dolcetto d’Alba Madonna del Dono Dolcetto Light and fresh, with flavors of red fruit and a hint of almond. €10 – €20 88/100

III. Vineyards of Marchesi di Barolo

The estate owns vineyards in the prestigious crus of Cannubi, Sarmassa, Coste di Rose, and Castellero, where the Nebbiolo grapes for their exceptional Barolo wines are grown. Each cru, with its distinct soil composition and microclimate, imparts unique characteristics to the grapes, resulting in wines of remarkable complexity and depth.

The vineyards of Marchesi di Barolo span approximately 110 hectares, which equates to about 154 football fields. Situated in the prime location of the Barolo region in Piemonte, Italy, the winery’s holdings include some of the most prestigious vineyards in the region, such as the renowned Cannubi hill. Other noteworthy vineyards include Sarmassa and Costa di Rose. The vineyards, cultivated with a blend of traditional and modern methods, yield wines from grape varieties such as Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto, each contributing a unique character to Marchesi di Barolo’s distinguished wine portfolio.

For instance, the Elio Grasso winery, another renowned winery in the region, is approximately a 15-minute drive from Marchesi di Barolo. It’s always a good idea to check the distances and plan your itinerary accordingly when visiting multiple wineries in one day.

IV. Marchesi of Barolo Territory

The Marchesi di Barolo estate stretches across the magnificent territory of Langhe, which is located in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. This area, characterized by a mix of rolling hills, valleys, and steep slopes, is known for its unique microclimate and rich, diverse soils, which are ideal for viticulture. The winery’s vineyards are scattered across some of the most prized positions in the region, including the iconic Cannubi hill. The diversity of these sites allows the winery to produce wines with a wide range of characteristics, expressing the various aspects of the territory.

The Cannubi hill, in particular, is considered one of the most prestigious sites in the Barolo area, thanks to its excellent exposure and unique microclimate. The vineyard here has a south, south-east exposure, capturing the warmth of the sun and protecting the vines from cold northern winds. The soil in Cannubi is predominantly made up of calcareous marl with a high presence of limestone, perfect for the cultivation of Nebbiolo, the grape variety used to produce Barolo.

Marchesi di Barolo also has vineyards in other celebrated areas within the Barolo appellation, such as Sarmassa, Coste di Rose, and Rue. Each of these vineyards adds its unique character to the winery’s outstanding portfolio of wines. The combination of these exceptional vineyard sites, the region’s unique terroir, and the winery’s commitment to expressing the individuality of each vineyard in their wines, have allowed Marchesi di Barolo to establish itself as a prominent figure in the world of Barolo wine.

V. The Winemaking Process at Marchesi di Barolo

At Marchesi di Barolo, winemaking is a delicate combination of tradition and innovation, underpinned by a profound respect for the unique terroir of the region. The winemaking process at Marchesi di Barolo is centered around expressing the distinct character of each vineyard site and the nuances of the Nebbiolo grape.

  1. Harvesting: Harvest generally occurs in October, though the precise timing depends on the grape variety and the specifics of each vintage. The grapes are carefully hand-picked to ensure only the highest quality fruit is used.
  2. Fermentation: Once the grapes are harvested and sorted, they undergo fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. This process, which typically lasts around 10 days, transforms the sugars in the grapes into alcohol.
  3. Maceration: Post-fermentation, the grape skins are left in contact with the wine for an extended period of maceration, which can last up to several weeks. This step is crucial in the production of Barolo, as it allows for the extraction of tannins, color, and aromatic compounds from the grape skins.
  4. Aging: The wines are then aged in a combination of large Slavonian oak casks and smaller French oak barrels. The length of aging depends on the specific wine, with the Barolo wines typically spending at least two years in oak and a further year in the bottle before release. This lengthy maturation period is one of the defining characteristics of Barolo, contributing to its complexity and aging potential.
  5. Bottling and Further Aging: Once the aging process is complete, the wines are bottled. The bottles are then stored in the cellar for further aging before they are released to the market. This additional bottle aging allows the wines to fully integrate and develop additional complexity.

This meticulous process, combined with the unique characteristics of the Barolo terroir and the inherent qualities of the Nebbiolo grape, result in wines that are renowned for their depth, complexity, and longevity.

VI. Noteworthy Wines from Marchesi di Barolo

The “Cru of Barolo” collection, packaged in an elegant wooden case of three bottles, features the finest expressions of Nebbiolo from their renowned crus. These wines are a testament to the winery’s commitment to excellence and the profound potential of the Barolo region.

  1. Marchesi di Barolo “Barolo Tradizione”: This classic Barolo offers a rich bouquet of rose petals, cherries, and licorice, accompanied by a complex palate of blackberry, truffle, and tobacco. Aged for two years in large Slavonian oak barrels, it displays the elegant tannins and acidity that Barolo is known for.
  2. Marchesi di Barolo “Cannubi”: Hailing from the famed Cannubi vineyard, this single-vineyard Barolo is full-bodied and complex. It offers notes of dried rose, forest fruit, and spices, with a hint of mint and eucalyptus.
  3. Marchesi di Barolo “Sarmassa”: Produced from the vineyard of the same name, Sarmassa is robust, rich, and powerful. It displays a plethora of flavors including ripe red berries, licorice, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It’s characterized by its exceptional structure and longevity.
  4. Marchesi di Barolo “Costa di Rose”: From the vineyard located in the town of Barolo itself, this wine presents a unique aromatic complexity, with dominant rose aromas intertwined with red fruit and spicy notes.
  5. Marchesi di Barolo “Barbera d’Alba Ruvei”: This Barbera is matured partially in barriques and partially in large casks, providing a well-balanced and fruity wine with a robust structure. It shows a rich, spicy, and slightly peppery bouquet on the nose.
  6. Marchesi di Barolo “Dolcetto d’Alba Madonna del Dono”: Made from 100% Dolcetto grapes, this wine is elegant and friendly, with hints of almonds, violets, and blackberry jam. It is matured in stainless steel tanks to preserve its fresh and fruity character.

These wines, among others, have contributed to the high regard and international acclaim that Marchesi di Barolo enjoys. Each wine speaks to the history, tradition, and skill of the winery, as well as the unique characteristics of the terroir in which the grapes are grown.

Marchesi di Barolo: Taste the Nuances of Nebbiolo

marchesi di barolo family


In conclusion, a visit to Marchesi di Barolo is a truly enriching experience that exceeds expectations. It’s not just about tasting the wines – it’s about immersing yourself in the rich history and winemaking traditions of one of the most important regions in the world for wine production. The wines produced by Marchesi di Barolo are a testament to the expertise, passion, and respect for tradition that characterizes this winery. The diversity and quality of the wines offer something for everyone, whether you are a novice wine drinker or an experienced connoisseur.

From the rolling vineyards that stretch out across the iconic landscape of the Langhe hills, to the atmospheric cellars where the wines are aged, every aspect of a visit to Marchesi di Barolo is imbued with a sense of history and tradition.

So, is it worth it? Absolutely. A trip to Marchesi di Barolo offers an unparalleled opportunity to taste some of the best wines in the world, learn about the art of winemaking, and understand the importance of terroir in shaping the character of a wine. It’s not just a visit, it’s a journey – one that, for any wine lover, is definitely worth taking.

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