Immerse in Religious Art at Diocesan Museum, Alba

Diocesan Museum

Mudi – Diocesan Museum in Alba, Italy

Diocesan Museum, Alba

The museum is accessed from the entrance under the majestic Romanesque bell tower, a remarkable element as it contains a second smaller bell tower, datable to the end of the 10th century.

The Museum consists of the archaeological itinerary accompanied by a didactic apparatus and in the exhibition halls, the Crypt of San Pietro and the Sala dello Stemma, which house remnants of the early medieval liturgical furnishings, the lapidary with finds from the Romanesque and Gothic Cathedral and the Renaissance from Bishop Andrea Novelli .

Along the way of the visit it is possible to appreciate some showcases that preserve the ceramic materials dating back to the Roman age and the Middle Ages, the Late Antiquity and High Medieval fragments that constitute a small liturgical treasure, painted plaster due to the pictorial decoration of the building in its most ancient obliterated by the reconstruction of the late fifteenth century, the coins including the pentanoummon of Justin II, the first case of finding of a Byzantine specimen in a Piedmontese excavation.

Diocesan Museum Details, Alba

Diocesan Museum Details, Alba

he Diocesan Library is located in the Seminary Bishop’s Palace at Piazzetta Mons. Bussi 1 in Alba. It is an essential resource for those seeking a deep understanding of the religious and cultural heritage of the region.

Visiting Hours:

The library is open to the public by appointment only. To schedule your visit and for more information about visiting hours.

And here’s a tabular summary:

Diocesan Library, Alba
Location Piazzetta Mons. Bussi 1, Alba
Visiting Hours By appointment only

Diocesan Museum, Alba Map Rossetti, 12051 Alba CN

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