Aldo Conterno’s Bussia vineyard

Aldo Conterno's Bussia vineyard

Italy’s Piedmont region is known for producing some of the world’s finest wines, with the Barolo appellation at the heart of this acclaim. Among the many esteemed vineyards in the region, the Bussia vineyard, under the stewardship of Aldo Conterno, shines exceptionally bright. Nestled in the rolling hills of Monforte d’Alba, this vineyard is renowned for yielding some of the most flavourful and intense Barolo wines, including the legendary Granbussia Riserva.

Aldo Conterno’s Bussia vineyard

Aldo Conterno

Italy’s Piedmont region, famed for its exquisite wine, is home to many revered vineyards, but one stands out amongst them all – the Bussia vineyard of the Aldo Conterno winery. Established in 1969 in the Monforte d’Alba zone, this vineyard is celebrated for producing some of the most powerful and compelling Barolo wines, including the iconic Granbussia Riserva. Steeped in a rich history and under the watchful stewardship of the Conterno family, the Bussia vineyard embodies the soul of Barolo. Why is Barolo so expensive?

Its south and southwest-facing slopes, along with the unique local microclimate, provide the perfect conditions for Nebbiolo grapes to thrive, while Aldo Conterno’s balance of traditional and modern winemaking techniques yields wines of extraordinary depth, complexity, and aging potential. The crowning jewel of this production is the Granbussia Riserva, a wine made from the finest grapes of the oldest vines, showcasing the very essence of the vineyard’s terroir. Aldo Conterno’s Bussia vineyard thus stands as a testament to the heights Barolo can reach when the elements of location, grape variety, and skilled winemaking converge. What is Capalot Cru & Vineyard?

History and Legacy of Aldo Conterno

Aldo Conterno is a name that commands respect in the world of Italian wine. Son of the legendary Giacomo Conterno, Aldo and his brother Giovanni inherited their father’s passion and knowledge for winemaking. However, a divergence in winemaking philosophy led Aldo to establish his own estate in the Bussia vineyard in 1969. Today, it remains one of the most prestigious and respected wineries in the Barolo region. What is Barolo: Its Speciality, Comparisons, and Characteristics

Bussia Vineyard: Terroir and Viticulture

Located in the Bussia Soprana part of Monforte d’Alba, Aldo Conterno’s vineyard spans over 25 hectares. The vineyard’s south and southwest-facing slopes, coupled with the area’s unique microclimate, make it an ideal location for the Nebbiolo grape to thrive. Here, meticulous care is taken in the vineyard, with low yields ensuring that each grape exhibits the highest quality and concentration of flavors. Barolo Travel Guide 2023: Where to stay, wineries(Si apre in una nuova scheda del browser)

Winemaking at Aldo Conterno

At Aldo Conterno, the winemaking philosophy is rooted in a balance of tradition and innovation. While the traditional Langhe winemaking methods are adhered to – long maceration times and aging in large Slavonian oak casks – modern techniques, such as temperature-controlled fermentation, are also employed. This balance results in Barolo wines that are rich, full-bodied, and capable of long aging, yet exhibit an elegance and finesse that is the hallmark of Aldo Conterno.

The Pinnacle of Aldo Conterno: Granbussia Riserva

The crown jewel of Aldo Conterno’s production is undoubtedly the Granbussia Riserva. Produced only in the best vintages, this wine is a selection of the finest grapes from the oldest vines in the Bussia vineyard. Aged for over 7 years before release, the Granbussia Riserva exhibits immense complexity, depth of flavor, and an aging potential that can span decades.


The Aldo Conterno estate and its Bussia vineyard stand as a testament to the potential of the Nebbiolo grape and the Barolo region. Through dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to quality, this winery continues to produce wines that are not only a benchmark for Barolo but are among the finest in the world of wine. A visit to the Aldo Conterno estate and a taste of their legendary Barolo wines is truly a pilgrimage for any serious wine lover.

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