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Federico Eusebio Civic Archaeological Museum in Alba
Federico Eusebio Civic Archaeological and Natural Sciences Museum, founded in 1897 by Federico Eusebio, the Museum was born exclusively as a historical-archaeological collection. In 1976 he was transferred to his current location and enriched with the addition of sections that illustrate the natural history of the territory. The patrimony of the Museum is constantly integrated...
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church of san domenico
The Church of San Domenico was built with the convent of San Domenico founded in the last years of the thirteenth century on land donated by Pietro De Brayda, a member of one of the main Albanian families of the time. Of the ancient building that occupied a large part of the block only the...
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Mudi - Diocesan Museum
The Mudi – Diocesan Museum was born in October 2012 as a result of an archaeological excavation campaign conducted between 2007 and 2012 to build a heating system under the floor of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. The work of the archaeologists has allowed to bring to light important testimonies of the past: the remains...
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The church of San Giuseppe in Alba, is located in the district that was once called Borgo San Lorenzo, at the confluence of the current Via Manzoni with Via Vernazza, where there is an open space called San Giuseppe. The building looks like a large parallelepiped volume with a longitudinal hut-like development, running along via...
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Fenoglio Al Bar del Savona ©AldoAgnelli
The Beppe Fenoglio Literature, History, Art and Culture Center was founded in 2003 by the Municipal Administration of Alba with the support of institutional bodies and private entrepreneurs. The Center is located inside the building where Beppe Fenoglio lived from 1928 to 1959, including the room in which the Albanian author wrote most of his...
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